Muslim converts’ stories: Robert Carter

Story of an English Christian person intrigued by Muslim friends.

I’ve lived in Enfield, North London for all my life. So really growing up in North London I can explain to you the easiest ways. It’s very sort of traditional English in the sense that because it’s so close to Essex and it’s away from central London. It’s kind of kept hold of a lot of its sort of English roots, there’s a lot of English people, therefore, example in the sense that when you come to central London, you know, there’s a lot more sort of cultural mix. But yeah growing up in Enfield really for me just as kind of traditional English growing up I came from a like a Christian family but not a strict Christian family. My mom and dad were divorced from a young age, so really growing up I had nothing particularly special but really just a traditional English backgrounds really. When I started reaching secondary school age that was really when I started to experience new cultures, new experiences and one of the more common cultures that wasn’t in Enfield at the time was like sort of Indian Pakistani mix of Islam culture that obviously was quite sort of common in the area as well.