Islam and diversity of religions

Syed Vahiduddin

In our day when religions live in a shared context, the Muslim cannot but relate positively to the diversity of religions. It is urgent to recognize that Islam, as the other great religions, has a historical and a metahistorical aspect, a surface and a depth dimension, and furthermore, that what a religion is in its beginning, legitimately develops in response to different historical contexts. Diversity, allowed by Providence, has to be recognized not only in relation to other religions but also within the household of one’s own tradition of faith and practice. The threat of one tradition against the other has been eclipsed by the threat emanating from an anti‐religious consciousness and from ideologies which purport to disown religious values.

Vahiduddin, S. (1990). Islam and diversity of religions. Islam and Christian‐Muslim Relations1(1), 3-11.