Mu’uawiya and Ali

“One day, Jariya Ibnu Qudama visited Mu’awiya who, at the time, was the head of the Muslim-Arab Empire. Three of the Roman emperor’s ministers happened to be also present. Mu’awiya said to Jariya:

Were you not one of Ali’s allies in all of his opinions?

Jariya said:

Leave Ali (کرم اللٰہ وجہہ الکریم) aside, for we have not despised him since we loved him, nor have we cheated him since we advised him.

Upon this Mu’awiya said to him:

Woe to you o Jariya! You must have been lowly in your parents’ eyes, for they called you Jariya (meaning slave girl or maid).

Jariya replied:

You must have been lowly in your parents’ eyes, for they called you Mu’awiya, the bitch on heat who barked and lured the dogs.

Mu’awiya shouted:

Shut up you motherless one!

Jariya replied:

You shut up o Mu’awiya (he did not say Amir of the believers), for I have a mother who bore me for the swords with which we faced you one day. Then we have given you our pledge of allegiance, to hear and to obey, so long as you rule us by what Allah has revealed.

So if you fulfil your promise, we fulfil our loyalty to you, and if you fail to keep up your promise, remember that we have left behind us some ferocious men and plenty of armour, they shall not let you abuse or harm them.

Mu’awiya yelled:

May Allah rid us of the likes of you!

Jariya replied:

You! (again he did not say Emir of the believers), say something good and be courteous, for the worst rulers are in hell fire.

Jariya then left, fuming with anger without even asking Mu’awiya permission to leave.

The three ministers turned to Mu’awiya and one of them said:

Our emperor would not be addressed by any of his subjects unless the subject were prostrating with his forehead at the base of his throne. If the voice of one of the closest people to him or any of his immediate family were to be raised, they could be cut to pieces, or burnt, so how could this rough desert Arab, with his ill-mannered behaviour, come and threaten you like this? As if he were your equal?

Mu’awiya smiled then said:

I rule over men who are fearless of any censurer when it comes to the truth, and all my folk are like this desert Arab, none of them prostrate save to Allah (SWT), none of them keep silent over an injustice and I am no superior, nor better than any of them except in piety. I have said some harsh words to the man and he rightly responded, I was the one who started, thus I am more to blame than he.

Upon hearing this the senior Roman minister burst out crying, so Mu’awiya asked the reason why, so he said:

We had thought before today that we were your equals in terms of protection and force, but after witnessing this, I fear that one day you would spread your authority over our empire.”

That day had indeed come, and the Roman empire collapsed like spider’s web under the blows of the real men.

– “Taarikh al Khulafaa’ (History of the Caliphs) by Al Suyooti”