“The Ark of Salvation” Imam Hussain, an art exhibition in Rome, Italy

“The Ark of Salvation” Imam Hussain, an art exhibition in Rome Italy dedicated to the Passion of Ashura /Arbaeen in Islam and Christianity with the internationally renowned Iranian artist Hassan Ruholamin. After having held exhibitions in Paris and Berlin, he presented five of his new unpublished works for the Italian public. The first objective of the event was the reach of Ashura’s message to Italians through artistic expressions closer to their culture and mindset. A great result was obtained through the presence of many Italians, several of whom non-Muslims, who participated in the event.

An arrow through the eyes. Three spears in the center of an infant’s chest. Women in chains. A final, lone solider beheaded for his stand against injustice.

This is the story of Karbala, the story you were never taught, the story your children will never learn.

History books will never teach you of a man named Hussein or a land named Karbala. You have never learned of the day 72 stood against an army of 30,000 and won. No one has ever told you the story that the great British historian Edward Gibbons said will “awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader.”

You have never truly heard of Hussein, Karbala, or Ashura, and you probably didn’t need to. No, this time in Islamic and global history never meant anything, until now.

اٹلی کے دارالحکومت روم میں سفینہ نجات کے نام سے مشہور آرٹسٹ روح الامین کی پینٹنگز کی نمائش – سانحہ کربلا کی تصویری تجسیم