Imam Muhammad Baqir – Khusro Qasim

Many people have this misunderstanding that Ahle Sunnah (Sunni) scholars have not taken any knowledge from the Imams of the Ahlalbait, which is false.

The number of ahadith narrated by Imam Mohammed Baqar in the kutub e tisa of ahadith is 244, which is more than the narrations of Hazrat Abubakar raziallah anho.

His hadith as recorded by imam Muslim in sahih Muslim on Hajj, is considered most authentic. Many scholars have written a full book on sharah of this hadith including the famous salfi scholar Shaikh swaleh al fawzaan.

A doctorate thesis has been done from king saud university on imam baqar ‘s narrations on tafseer e Quran.

First of Rajab is yaum e wiladat of imam Muhammad baqar. He was grandson of imam husain alaihi salaam

In Tareekh e damishq, hafiz ibne asakir has narrated that prophet sallallaho alaihi wa aalihi wassalam said to Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah ansari that Allah will bless you with long life and when you meet my great grandson Muhammad, convey my salaam to him.

He was among the most knowledgeable person of his time and almost all scholars have written about muchness of his knowledge and zuhud

I have compiled a small booklet related to his life. May Allah subhanahu taala bless me with taufeeq to write a detailed book about his life and his contribution to knowledge

ameen ya rabul aalmeen

Khusro Qasim